Steve White

On the Issues

My Position on Issues Important to Taxpayers and Parents

Kettering taxpayers, parents, and students want a school board that will take a stand with them in resolving these issues.
I stand with you.

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to many Kettering parents (and their children) who are afraid of what their children are being exposed to in school: transgender issues with bathrooms, sexually explicit library books, and social justice taught in the classroom and sports. Parents and students, also, feel like some of the principals, school administrators, and school board members are not taking their concerns very seriously. 

Issues like these could become a threat to our children’s safety and privacy. If we allow the misguided aspects of transgender ideology to continue to take root and grow in our school system, we could eventually see some of the more violent acts like we see in the news.  

We must nip this in the bud, now. 


I will defend the rights of parents to protect their children from any ideology, curriculum, administration, or policy that is a potential threat to their children.

Kettering schools have had a great reputation for being one of the best school systems in the area. The school system has IB/AP studies for college prep as well as a Career Technical Center to teach skilled trades. My family and many of my neighbors are grateful that our children had mostly positive experiences in school. 

However, these last few years since the covid-19 event, my family, our neighbors and many other Kettering parents had figured out that politically controversial, social justice issues have become intertwined with Kettering school policies and curriculum. According to many Kettering taxpayers and parents, they are fed up with the “wokeness” coming from some of our school administrators and school board members. 

Wokeness has no place in Kettering schools. 

I’ll ensure that our schools are completely focused on preparing our children to become productive citizens of society and enter life with a new career or vocation that matches their potential. After all, schools are supposed to teach our children actual school subjects: math, literature, English, American history, writing, science, civics. Right? 

Kettering parents are realizing that, over the last few years, they’ve been left out of the decision-making process for developing school curriculum, educational standards, and policies. Now, some of the Kettering school curriculum, policies and standards are wrought with woke, social justice ideals, mostly without the knowledge or awareness of the parents. Where’s the transparency? 

According to the official organizational chart of the Kettering City School System, the Kettering School Board works for Kettering citizens (parents and taxpayers); and not the superintendent, school administrators, or Ohio lawmakers in Columbus who attempt, and succeed, at influencing our current school board members. 

I believe protecting Kettering parents’ rights is paramount. 


Kettering parents have the right to be more involved in every aspect of the Kettering school’s education system, including curriculum, bathroom usage, classroom discussion topics, book selection, extracurricular activities, and the rights of students. FYI: Vote NO on Issue 1 on November 7th to protect parents’ rights and the health & safety of our children under 18 years of age. 

Where is all our tax money going? How is it being spent or invested? Most of the Kettering citizens I spoke with over the last few months, have no idea. It is hard to read the graphs and reports of the Kettering school’s treasurer and most people don’t understand what “mils” are when voting for a levy. 

How much does it cost taxpayers for the new offices for the school system over at Lincoln Park? How do teachers’ salaries compare to other teachers’ salaries in similar school systems with similar economic lifestyles and communities? How is ROI (return on investment) measured on spending our hard-earned tax dollars on any given budget item? What is the ROI on student success? 

Get involved! Ask questions! 


I encourage parents and taxpayers to learn everything you can about the Kettering Board of Education. Go to this link and see if the mission lines up with the decisions and actions of the current school board (ask good questions). Look up the school board calendar and go to the meetings – get involved. Together, let’s hold the Kettering School Board accountable for the positive and negative outcomes impacting Kettering taxpayers, parents and students. 

Kettering communications with Kettering students is decent. However, communications with the taxpayers and parents is lackluster. School board meetings have only one camera facing the school board members. There should be multiple cameras and microphones to record from every needed angle at these important meetings. There should also be live streaming so those who can’t attend can view and respond to the meetings in real-time. 

Taxpayers and parents can lead the way. 


With the development of a dynamic and pro-active communications system, Kettering citizens can better communicate in real-time with the school board and administrators to discuss and resolve issues and concerns within our school system. Together, we can address budget issues, parents’ concerns, teacher and student needs, and much more. 

I believe one of the biggest challenges for Kettering schools is helping students align their future career path with who they really are, what they are really good at, and what they like doing. What is needed is a career coaching system of tools that teachers and counselors can start using with our 7th graders. 

Statistics show that approximately 60-70% of high school grads admit they have chosen the wrong career field within a few years of graduating. This sad statistic also applies to grads who do not attend college. 

This must change. 

My Vision is that before graduation, all students are confident in their next step in life. Whether that is support for finding a meaningful job, direction into a trade school, joining the US Military, or entry into a top tier college with a plan for a major and future career opportunities.  

Providing a “high quality” education is a minimal bar for schools. Education is only valuable if it helps our children achieve their dreams and goals. Since I have experience with workforce development and career coaching, I will help with the creation and implementation of this much needed career planning system. 

Vote for Steve White on November 7th. Thank you.