Steve White

Kettering City School Board Candidate

Accountable to Taxpayers | Defending Parents’ Rights | Helping Students Realize Their Potential


Who Is

Steve White

I’m a conservative, family man who believes a graduate’s success in life depends on student success in school and at home.

I moved to Kettering in 1998 when I married my wife, Karen, who was born and raised in Kettering.  Like their mother, our children attended Kettering City Schools from kindergarten through high school graduation. The Kettering community and schools have been very good to us. We are grateful.

Ranked third in her class, our daughter graduated in 2021 and is currently a third year Biology major at The Ohio State University. Our son is a 2023 graduate of Kettering Fairmont High School and will be joining the U.S. Navy at the end of October. 

My professional life over the last twenty-five years in the Dayton area has included business coaching and consulting, business training, personal mentoring, recruiting and career coaching. I have held positions of employment at local firms, owned a franchise, and have been a small business owner for many years. I am currently manager of client services for a local tax and accounting firm.  

I am committed to investing in the success of our remarkable Kettering students.


Why Vote For

Steve White

I am your no-nonsense, family-first, conservative candidate for Kettering School Board. I value our God-given, individual rights to raise our families the way we see fit, and to decide what/how we teach our children within our taxpayer funded school system.

Since the covid event happened over 4 years ago, many parents and taxpayers have expressed their dissatisfaction with our school board’s inability to prevent politically motivated, social justice groups and politicians from influencing our school system’s policies. Some of the consequences are shocking:

  • Prolonged virtual classroom impact on students’ learning and mental health
  • Social justice issues crept into school curriculum
  • Acceptance of transgender policies and issues without informing parents

Many parents addressed these issues and more at school board meetings only to be met with smirks and smugness from most of the current school board members.


When elected, I’ll work for the taxpayers and parents; not special interest groups, political hacks in Columbus, or school administrators influenced by social justice. Together, we’ll strengthen what is already working well in the Kettering City School System, and make much needed improvements in those areas you help me discover. Our children are the future of Kettering.

Statistics for the 2022-2023 School Year

$ 2000 M
Graduation Rate
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My Background and Experience